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Choice Theory parenting expert and APSGO leader Sue Kranz had an interview with KIM OLVER recently!

“In this episode, I speak with Sue Kranz, a knowledgeable, Choice Theory parenting expert. She first used Choice Theory concepts to help herself with being a single parent to six kids, with one of them exhibiting some seriously challenging behavior. Once she saw how these ideas worked for herself in her situation, she started reaching out to help other parents in similar situations. Above everything, Sue has learned the relationship you create with your children is most important. It’s amazing what happens when we stop trying to control our children, and instead set boundaries for ourselves that we control, not setting boundaries for our children that they may or may not follow. This was brilliant! If you are interested in learning more about or contacting Sue, her website is: sanerparenting.ca. You can also read her parenting articles at thepost.on.ca and search for Sue Kranz and all her articles come up. I love reading her stuff. And if you’re interested in negotiating with your children, my eBook titled, Empowerment Parenting can help.”


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