About Us

We are parents like you who understand what you are going through

The Association of Parent Support Groups in Ontario, Inc. (APSGO) was founded in 1980 by Helen Jones and developed by parents, for parents. Group meetings are facilitated with the support of experienced group leaders who are not professionals. They have first-hand experience in applying APSGO’s life-changing philosophy. We provide practical and proven parenting techniques to better respond to and support our children.

Who we help

We accept and can help parents, guardians, grandparents, step-parents or any adult concerned about the behaviour of young person who is struggling emotionally, withdrawn, acting out, using drugs or alcohol, exhibiting aggressive behavior, missing school or in conflict with the law.

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Our Vision

To create a society where all parents are aware of and have access to the strategies, support and practical techniques needed to deal with the disruptive behaviour of their children.

Our Mission

APSGO is an organization of parents of disruptive youth.We have joined together to provide support and empower parents to deal with their situation. The organization provides weekly meetings, workshops and other resources to assist parents in acquiring the skills to help themselves and their children.