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Fall is a season of transition. As we move out of the post-COVID era with a return to freedom from restrictions and as we experience the fall season with cooler weather and turning leaves, we see a parallel with the inevitability of change and our ever-evolving journey as parents and as an organization.

Chapters continue to offer Zoom meetings that allow parents the freedom to easily join without having to travel from the comforts of their homes or Cities. Zoom meetings have helped to open APSGO up to many who would not have attended otherwise.  As well, some Chapters hold hybrid, in-person/ Zoom meetings that give members who wish to, the opportunity to attend a face-to-face meeting. In addition, some Chapters arrange dinners, BBQ’s, or group activities outside of regular meetings to encourage in-person gatherings for fun and conversation. I would like to express my gratitude to all APSGO members for your unwavering dedication and resilience toward helping members feel comfortable, safe, and welcomed at APSGO. Your efforts throughout these challenging times and your commitment to the important work we do is the reason for APSGO’s success.

That commitment extends to the APSGO Board. I am delighted to announce the expansion of our APSGO Board of Directors. The Board is grateful that Mary Bella has returned as our efficient APSGO Secretary. We are also pleased to welcome Donna Ferrari as the Board’s new Fundraising Chair who comes to us full of enthusiasm. Her initial ideas include looking at grants and holding internal 50/50 campaigns.

Being on the APSGO Board of Directors offers unique benefits such as actively contributing to the APSGO community to help make a lasting positive impact on families. I want to emphasize that it is the continued support of our members, their dedication, and sharing of new ideas that keep APSGO vibrant and able to provide invaluable support to parents in need.

Just as our parent members strive to understand and better connect with their children, the APSGO Board seeks to understand the needs of its members. To this end, the APSGO Board relies on and values suggestions from our members through their Group Representatives. Specific meetings are held 2-3 times per year to gain input essential to ensuring that our organization remains responsive to member needs. Group Representatives offer suggestions about things like fundraising, coach recognition, and ideas for increasing membership.

They also suggested regular and consistent training for APSGO members and coaches. So far, this year, there have been training sessions on July 17, July 24, and October 2. Another is expected to be scheduled in November. Trained coaches serve as valuable guides and facilitators to assist APSGO members on their journey towards personal growth and stronger family connections. This is APSGO’s mission.

The APSGO Board looks forward to working together with all members to create an environment that encourages an atmosphere filled with the excitement of discovery and the joy of growth.

Jeannette Markle, President


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