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2021 was marked by fluctuations – a year of closing down, opening up, masks indoors, no masks outdoors, reduced occupancy at restaurants, cinemas and gyms; to full closure, and back again. A yoyo year for everyone – but not for APSGO.

APSGO has remained steadfast about holding meetings, week after week. APSGO has continually supported parents to develop effective strategies to help build better relationships with their children.

For years, APSGO has been a consistent life-line to it’s members. APSGO has consistently helped parents to transform overwhelming emotions to empowerment; feelings of guilt to confidence; chaos in the home to improved family relationships. The tools, techniques, and principles used at APSGO have given members back their lives.

It is common for members to say things like “I’m not sure where I would be today if not for the help of APSGO”. The benefits of APSGO have reached so many parents, former and current, over so many years. For members, each day is a new beginning with exciting possibilities.

The help that APSGO offers is life-changing and never forgotten. Past members are returning to offer their experience at the group level as coaches and to support other parents to live happier lives. Other members are ready to help future APSGO parents. In this first month of 2022, APSGO is pleased to announce the opening of a new group in Belleville.

APSGO continues to expand its reach and to improve the skills and knowledge of its members. In the near months ahead, there will be four Helen Jones workshops. Also, scheduled in February, is a further meeting of group representatives for input of thoughts and ideas about strengthening APSGO.

The Board is looking forward to an exciting 2022.

Happy New Year!

Jeannete Markle, President
APSGO Board of Directors


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