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Spring is just around the corner and the days getting longer serve as a timely reminder of renewal and growth. APSGO’s mission is to provide support and to empower parents to effectively deal with any challenging situation. We provide resources to assist them in acquiring the skills that help themselves and their children. Spring is the opportune time to enhance our dedication to this vital mission. Group Representative Meetings The APSGO Board is committed to fostering an environment where APSGO’s life-changing philosophy thrives. We are passionate about connecting with all APSGO Chapters through their group representatives. This collaboration has been […]
After the 2023 APSGO AGM on Saturday, November 25th, Sue Kranz presented a workshop for parents in attendance, discussing ‘Boundaries’ and how healthy boundaries can shape the quality of our interactions. Sue is an experienced parent coach and Choice Theory expert. The recording of the Workshop is available below:
By Helen Jones Why are so many people, including children, being classified as mentally ill? Three reasons are offered up to explain the steep rise in the numbers of people of all ages who are being treated for a mental disorder. Life today, we are told, is more stressful. Psychiatrists are said to have become better at diagnosing disorders. The bar for measuring a disorder has been lowered, allowing many more people, including children to be classified as ill and requiring treatment. Is life today more stressful? In fact, the opposite seems to be the case. True, life does have […]
APSGO hosted an online parenting workshop for members with APSGO Founder, Past President and spokesperson Helen Jones on Saturday April 17. The topic of the workshop was “Making Plans.” APSGO PLANS are meant to improve the relationship between children and parents, not complicate it and create a standoff between parents and their children. This ZOOM Workshop taught the essential elements of reaching children and building trust and respect between them and their parents. Parents learned how to create plans that actually work and change lives. You can listen to the workshop below. WORKSHOP CHAT DISCUSSION Helen took the time to answer some […]