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Hi Helen,

Here we are in a New Year. Hopefully, it goes well, and people get the vaccination, and we can get back to some sort of “normal”. I live in a small town and now our nursing home has the COVID, enough to report on the News. My heart is going out to the people working there and the people living there and am praying this soon passes.

I am having a hard time not seeing my three-year-old granddaughter. I want to see her so much, but we are in lockdown and we are not supposed to see anyone outside of our household. I really feel I must have her for a day just to let her have her normal time where we laugh and play. The last time she was at our house she said she likes this house better than her house. Her mother, (my daughter as you know), has a serious drug addiction. It is extremely hard, and I do have trouble sleeping.

What do you think? can you give me some insight?

Thank you so much.


Dear Grandmother,

There are still ways you can keep in touch with your granddaughter and make it an adventure. There is mail delivery. You can send her cards and even if she is not reading yet she will know they come from you. They can be bright and colourful and funny. So many kinds. 

You can draw pictures for her and send them. You can also call her. Even if her mother is being difficult, you can enlist the help of your son in law.

Children almost never get mail and think of her excitement to get some of her own every few days. Perhaps her grandfather or other family members can do the same and you can even include your other grandchildren. You can have small gifts delivered to your grandchildren.

This can be a great opportunity for fun and connection. and other ideas may come to you as you do this.

Helen Jones

Hi Helen,

That is such a fantastic idea. I will do that. I will call my son in law tonight on his phone. Now I am getting excited about the chance to talk to my granddaughter. I will send her cards. Her birthday is the 21st and she will be 4.

Again, thank you. You are the light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes I cannot see through my own fog.



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