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Spring is just around the corner and the days getting longer serve as a timely reminder of renewal and growth.

APSGO’s mission is to provide support and to empower parents to effectively deal with any challenging situation. We provide resources to assist them in acquiring the skills that help themselves and their children.

Spring is the opportune time to enhance our dedication to this vital mission.

Group Representative Meetings

The APSGO Board is committed to fostering an environment where APSGO’s life-changing philosophy thrives. We are passionate about connecting with all APSGO Chapters through their group representatives. This collaboration has been essential for gaining suggestions and fresh ideas toward APSGO’s growth and strength.  The Board encourages all APSGO members to let their group representative know of any ideas or suggestion. The next Group Representative meeting is April 17, 2024. 

Ongoing Choice Theory Workshops

The Board also recognizes that continuous education is necessary to teach APSGO principles, keep the principles fresh in members’ minds, and acts as a refresher for others. Regular training session/workshops are offered to reinforce choice theory principles and ensure ongoing engagement and understanding within the association. The training provides members an opportunity to develop a deeper grasp of choice theory that not only enhances personal happiness but increases our capacity to positively impact others.

APSGO coaches share the strategies, support and practical techniques needed by parents to help bring them closer to their children and live happier lives. This continuous cycle of learning and growth ensures ongoing development of both individual members and APSGO as an organization. So far, this year, there have been two Choice Theory workshops. Stay tuned for announcements about more Choice Theory and Coach workshops.

New APSGO Chapter

With a view to optimizing APSGO’s impact and outreach in regions not yet targeted, the Board is pleased to announce the opening of a new APSGO Chapter in the Grey/Bruce/Owen Sound area.

APSGO Annual General Meeting

At the APSGO 2023 AGM in November, Sue Kranz conducted a workshop on Boundaries and Mila, the adult child of a former APSGO parent talked about how her life and the life of her mother was positively impacted because of her mother’s participation at APSGO. Sue’s workshop was informative and engaging and Mila’s presentation was profound and inspiring. The Board is currently looking for ideas to ensure that the 2024 APSGO AGM is exciting and informative. All APSGO members are invited to share any ideas.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all APSGO members for your dedication to each other and the APSGO community. This is the foundation of our success. Together, let’s make this spring a symbol of growth and progress for APSGO and the families we support.

Jeannette Markle


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