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by Jeannette Markle

Here we are – finally! – in 2021.

The year end is traditionally a time when we look toward starting the New Year positively, resolving to continue good practices, change undesired ones, or work toward a personal goal to improve our lives.

The end of 2020, though, was different. Early in 2020, COVID 19 forced us to drastically change our personal lives. It impacted the way we work, the way we socialize, and the way we spend our leisure time. We spent 2020 trying to settle into a different way of living. At the end of the year, we couldn’t wait to put 2020 behind us. All we could do was anticipate that 2021 would be a better year.

In 2020, APSGO was also forced to change. Because of COVID restrictions, we were forced to find different ways for groups to meet and members were forced to find new ways to socialize. APSGO Chapters began conducting weekly meetings by way of Zoom or a comparable platform. Some members have even started socializing electronically. And our 2020 AGM, featuring a Helen Jones presentation, was successfully held by way of Zoom. In spite of the radical changes to our personal and APSGO lives; in spite of the fear and uncertainty caused by COVID 19, APSGO members came together to ensure that spreading APSGO’s message was not interrupted and that support continued to be available to anyone in need.
In addition, COVID did not stop members from across the Chapters coming together to create a vibrant, new APSGO Facebook Page and APSGO website which includes the introduction of a blog. The website opens APSGO up to anyone searching for help and the blog is a way for like-minded people to share experiences and knowledge and connect with others in similar situations.

Our new website, social media presence, and ever-evolving blog demonstrates our commitment to bringing the important message of APSGO to anyone who needs help when facing challenging situations. APSGO is moving into 2021 as a beacon that offers hope to anyone who wants to build closer relationships with others and build a happier and more meaningful life for themselves. For APSGO and APSGO members, 2021 is a year that we can all look forward to.In 2021, coronavirus vaccinations are now being administered in Canada. We can now more easily envision a return to normalcy and perhaps get back to in-person APSGO meetings by September.



4 Responses

  1. I think the blog is a great idea. It will help many people. Your group is doing an amazing job and is much needed.

  2. I am sure it has been hard to navigate through the Pandemic and when people need help it seems enlarged with COVID, however your group has managed to do this which is fantastic.

  3. I love the current format of zoom meetings. Fighting my way through Toronto traffic after a long day at work was always hard! I hope we can keep some zoom meetings going after the pandemic ends as membership seems to be growing with this format!

    • Thanks Claudia! After the pandemic, we are hoping to continue with at least one group meeting online consistently, to accommodate those who cannot get to in person meetings or who live outside our Chapter areas. Stay tuned!
      – Mary Bella, Secretary, APSGO Board of Directors

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