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COACHES CORNER The APSGO board is pleased to continue Coaches Corner to introduce and acknowledge our dedicated parent coaches. Our coaches work tirelessly with parents, often after receiving that very same help from their predecessors. If you are a coach, please consider writing to mail@apsgo.ca about your experiences so we can acknowledge you! We can send you a list of prompting questions. Featuring Andrea M. – Toronto Central Chapter I began attending parent support group meetings over ten years ago. I had been struggling to deal with my older son’s school avoidance and computer overuse. As many people do, I turned to Dr. Google. One day, […]
Spring is just around the corner and the days getting longer serve as a timely reminder of renewal and growth. APSGO’s mission is to provide support and to empower parents to effectively deal with any challenging situation. We provide resources to assist them in acquiring the skills that help themselves and their children. Spring is the opportune time to enhance our dedication to this vital mission. Group Representative Meetings The APSGO Board is committed to fostering an environment where APSGO’s life-changing philosophy thrives. We are passionate about connecting with all APSGO Chapters through their group representatives. This collaboration has been […]
by Sue Kranz In March of 2003, I discovered a parent group that saved my sanity. The group was based on Choice Theory by William Glasser, and what I learned there changed not only how I parented, but positively impacted all my other relationships. I joined the group with the hope of learning how to change my kids. Instead, I learned how to change myself – and that changed everything! The first thing I learned was that the only behaviour I could control was my own. This flew in the face of the common-sense mantra, “You have to get them […]