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By Sue Kranz What’s a parent? And who gets to decide? In other words, who writes your job description? I’m stunned by the number of parents who explain, “But my teen says it’s my job!” Expectations include, but are not limited to: driving them out of town to a friend’s and picking them up again – at the teen’s convenience waking them up in the morning, packing their lunch and driving them to school (even when the parents know they’re not going to school) buying them designer clothes cooking all their meals waiting on them hand and foot picking up […]
Helen’s Help – By Helen Jones When my daughters were teens, I had a choice to make. I could remind them of what needed done around the house and I could complain if the work wasn’t done the way I wanted. Or I could come up with a plan that was respectful of everyone and got the work done. I decided on the latter. I made a list of things I would like done around the house and how much I was willing to pay for each one done to my satisfaction. I left it in a prominent place. (The […]
2021 was marked by fluctuations – a year of closing down, opening up, masks indoors, no masks outdoors, reduced occupancy at restaurants, cinemas and gyms; to full closure, and back again. A yoyo year for everyone – but not for APSGO. APSGO has remained steadfast about holding meetings, week after week. APSGO has continually supported parents to develop effective strategies to help build better relationships with their children. For years, APSGO has been a consistent life-line to it’s members. APSGO has consistently helped parents to transform overwhelming emotions to empowerment; feelings of guilt to confidence; chaos in the home to […]