Why not to ask why

“Why?” questions are uppermost in the minds of most parents when they first come out to the group:

  • “Why does he lie?”
  • “Why does she hang around with those kids?”
  • “Why does he do drugs?”
  • “Why does she steal?”

But we don’t have to know why a problem exists to solve it.


Great Expectations

Ask anyone what they expect from their relationship—whether that be with their teen, their spouse or their boss—and they will usually give you a list of what they believe the other person should be doing.

It’s highly unlikely anyone will say, “Aah, yes, here’s what I expect from myself in this relationship.”

I’ve lost track of the number of times parents have asked me, “But shouldn’t I have expectations?” Of course you should. Absolutely. You should expect only the best, and you should have only the highest standards—for your behaviour.

“What will the neighbours think?!”


Teaching Responsibility

Every parent wants responsible teens. But these questions elude us:

What is responsibility?

How can we teach it to our kids?


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