A Letter of Thanks


I just want to thank all the wonderful people of APSGO for their help and understanding of the hard times I have had with my children. I have a seventeen-year-old girl and a fourteen-year-old boy. If it wasn’t for groups like this one, I really don’t know where I would be right now.

I have been attending APSGO since February 2002 and in September 2002 my husband joined me. Since then, things in my house have mellowed out. When I found about this group I was trying to get my kids help and then this nice man by the name of Jim told me about APSGO and that’s when I said I’d try anything to make my life better. At our weekly meetings, you feel at home because everyone is there to help you and everyone understands what you are going through. I feel there should be an APSGO group in every community. I can’t begin to tell you how bad my life was prior to joining APSGO and in just nine months, how I am feeling much more relaxed and better able to get along with my husband and kids.

I want to say THANK YOU to all members of APSGO.