APSGO Conference 2016 --- SOLD OUT

see you next year!

A note to the Conference Speakers


Helen Jones,

Dr. Stephen P. Lewis

Rosemary Fernandes-Walker

Marie-Louise De Boyrie

Dr. Cheryl Bauman



On behalf of our APSGO 2016 conference planning committee, I want to take this opportunity to once again thank you for your contributions to our conference on Saturday. We received very positive feedback from those in attendance and our organizing committee is very grateful that you took time out from your busy schedules and personal commitments to come and present to us. The information that you provided to the parents that attended will be immensely helpful for them in dealing with their own acting-out children, but also for supporting other parents and contributing to their own personal growth and development.

We hope that you also found the event to be a success for you and that you will consider APSGO for future events, referrals to parents in need and possible future partnerships/connections. Please let us know if you have feedback about your experience at the conference and if you have suggestions for improvements that could be made.


The work of supporting strong and healthy parent-child relationships is so very important to us all and our communities. Thank you for supporting us and for the work that you do on an ongoing basis to help make this goal a reality.




Randy Betts

On behalf of the APSGO 2016 Conference Committee