What The Groups Do

  • All APSGO parent support groups are run by parents just like you.
  • All groups meet weekly.
  • All groups provide a structured, action driven and friendly environment.
  • Trained and experienced parent volunteers run each group.
  • Each group focuses on practical strategies for helping families.
  • Groups help parents to develop a plan tailored to their family‚Äôs needs.
  • Each group helps parents build satisfying relationships while setting reasonable boundaries.
  • Support, information and advice are available between meetings.
  • All information disclosed at meetings is kept confidential.
  • Each group offers a continuous program of help, allowing parents to join at any time without referral or waiting period.
  • Each group is a member of The Association of Parent Support Groups In Ontario Inc. (APSGO).

What The Groups Don't Do

  • Parent support groups don't promise instant success.
  • Parent support groups don't support corporal punishment.
  • Parent support groups have no political or religious affiliation.