Is a Parent Support Group for You?

Is this you?

  • I carry my wallet with me everywhere I go.
  • I check the liquor cabinet regularly to see if anything is missing.
  • I spend sleepless nights wondering where my child is.
  • I'm intimidated by my child's anger or rage.
  • I'm embarrassed by my child's appearance and foul language.
  • I'm tired of feeding and cleaning up after my child and his friends.

Is this your child?

  • Your son stays out all night and sleeps all day.
  • Your once happy daughter is now sullen and withdrawn.
  • Your son leaves his room only to meet his dealer.
  • Your daughter is promiscuous.
  • Your child's friends hang out at your house and steal from you.
  • Your son smashes holes in the walls.
  • Your daughter smashes furniture.

How Many of these Situations have you Experienced?

  • I'm tired of getting calls from the school − or the police.
  • I feel helpless, and fear for my child's future.
  • I sometimes feel like a failure as a parent.
  • I often feel angry, confused, and depressed.
  • I feel blamed by the schools, therapists, or members of my family.
  • I blame myself.
  • I tell lies to cover up for my child's behaviour.
  • I don't seem able to connect to my son or daughter.
  • I wonder what happened to my child.
  • My child frequently disrupts our family’s routines.
  • I argue with my spouse over how to deal with our child.
  • I've considered calling the police − or have called the police.
  • I'm tired of my child's broken promises to do better.
  • I did everything the experts told me to do − and didn't work!

If even ONE of the above applies to you, you owe it to yourself and your family − including your acting-out child − to get help.