How To Start A Parent Support Group

APSGO Inc. is an organization of parents of disruptive youth.  We have joined together to provide support, empower parents and help them to build better relationships with their children.  APSGO Inc. provides weekly meetings, workshops and other resources to assist parents in acquiring the skills to help themselves and their children. 

We have been successfully helping parents for over 30 years.  The groups are run by trained parent coaches, volunteers who have dealt with the same issues many families are facing.  They have learned how to effectively handle the situations and make positive changes within their family situations.

Steps to take… 

  1. Get together 5 or 6 parents or couples who are concerned for their acting-out children and who want things to change.  These are parents who answer “yes” to at least one of the questions below.  These are parents who are willing to meet weekly to learn how to effectively deal with their situations.

  2. Start by meeting in someone’s house, church meeting room, library or community room.  Introduce yourself and express your intention to start a parent support group.  Explain a little about yourself and why you are interested in starting a group.  Ask those attending to trade information on how they are dealing with their youths’ behaviors.  

  3. One of the key’s to APSGO success is support of one another.  Ask attendees to write their name and telephone number on a clip board passing around and to also exchange phone numbers with each other.  This will be the formation of this group’s phone support list.  Each member is encouraged to call at least one person and offer support over the next week.

  4. Inform the group that this will be their group and you will be there to help facilitate it.  Everyone will be expected to take responsibility for the group and offer whatever help they can. Suggest that they check the APSGO web site to familiarize themselves with the ideals and goals that you have in mind.

  5. In the beginning, meetings might discuss elements of the ideas on the web site in order to provide talking points and ideas for dealing with misbehavior.

  6. Set a time and place to meet again.  The same night and weekly is best.

  7. In time, (we recommend at least 3 months) you may apply to become a registered chapter of APSGO. If after review by the APSGO Board of Directors, your application is successful, you will have the right to present your group as an APSGO Chapter and, after payment of the membership fee, your members will become members of APSGO. Your chapter will have access to APSGO materials etc. Until then you may not use the APSGO logo or represent yourselves as an APSGO Inc. group. 

How To Find Other Interested Parents

Through your friends, schools, community organizations, community newspapers etc.


  • You are tired of getting calls from school, or
  • You feel helpless and sad, or 
  • You feel blamed by the school, therapists, the community, or.
  • You think your teens behaviour is caused by tough breaks in life, or
  • You and your spouse argue on how to deal with your child’s  behaviour,
  • You think your teen’s behaviour is caused by the friends they keep, 
  • You think it is just a phase, or
  • You have considered calling the police for fear of your safety, or
  • You tell lies to cover up your teen’s behaviour, or
  • Your child frequently disrupts your family’s routines, or
  • You feel like a failure as a parent, or
  • You are tired of your child’s broken promises to do better.

This information is provided as a service to parents. It can be copied and distributed to other parents and interested parties.

APSGO Inc. is a registered charitable organization under the Department of Consumer and Corporate Affairs. Its name and logo are protected by copyright.